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If you want to build your muscles, you will have to learn to eat lots of food. This is going to be the hardest and most ignored part of muscle building for most people. It is obvious that you will need to start eating more food than you currently do. This doesn't mean that you stuff your face with junk food though. You will need to learn to eat healthy food. If there is no one around to cook for you, you will have to learn to cook for yourself. Who said building muscle was going to be easy anyway?

Best whey protein supplements for men to gain muscle

Given below is a list of some ingredients which you should look for in your supplements. These are the best ingredients as far as muscle building is concerned and if you are looking at a supplement which doesn’t contain any of these ingredients, it is most probably a fake:

1. Whey protein- Science has actually proved that this supplement helps with building muscle mass. Protein is very important for anyone who is burning a lot of calories on a regular basis. You need to eat at least a couple of grams of protein for every pound of your body weight on a daily basis. It might not be easy to eat so much protein regularly. That’s why they turn to whey protein supplements. These supplements allow the body to absorb whey protein easily and effectively and contain no fat either.

2. Creatine- Creatine is found naturally in fish and in meats. Even the human body creates some of this on its own. Creatine is one of the building blocks of life and is very important for any person’s diet. You can get a large amount of your creatine requirements from food but some people may turn to creatine powder for this purpose. This powder is a lot easier to eat and nowadays it is even found in the form of pills. If you want to burn fat & build muscle effectively, creatine will definitely be required.

3. Glutamine- This is an important amino acid which helps a lot when it comes to building muscle. It is found in multiple meats and vegetables as well. But you can also go for supplements if you’re not being able to consume enough food which contains glutamine.

If you want to get on the road to body building, you will need to find a supplement that contains these ingredients in any combination. So what are you waiting for? Start searching today.





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Juice Beast's 30 Day Juice Detox Diary

This is day 1 of my 30 day juice fast. The aim of the juice fast is to lose as much body fat as possible whilst gaining muscle size.

A little about myself:

I am 33 years old, married father of 1. I used to be a London Police Officer, where fitness was a big part of my life working in specialist units (in fact met my wife in the gym- she was a personal trainer there). I have always been heavily involved in contact sport, namely; Rugby, Muay Thai, Boxing and various other martial arts. I have competed in these at a national and world level (Muay Thai), I also used to run Marathons. All these sports stopped (with exception of rugby) when I destroyed my knees (ruptured ACL and horizontal meniscus tear). First knee surgery in 2003 and then again on the other knee in 2007. I was…

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Xtreme Antler Review – Deer Antler For High Endurance And Growth!

Xtreme Antler

Two months back, I began using Xtreme Antler which I am reviewing today, finally! Read on to know how this supplement made it to my good supplement list.

What Is It?

Packaged in aerosol form, it is a growth inducing supplement. It promises to increase perseverance levels along with higher muscle mass and improved bone strength. It claims to increase natural growth hormone levels in the body without any negative effects.


The spray is made using Deer Antler which contains IGF-1 or Insulin like growth factor-1. It is a polypeptide derived from HGH (Human growth factor).

How Does Xtreme Antler Work?

  • Deer antler helps in relieving workout fatigue and lowering the muscle straining, helping one recover fast
  • IGF-1(short for insulin like growth factor-1) helps one put on high muscle via the increase in HGH
  • It also strengthens the bones, muscles while boosting perseverance and energy levels

Pros and Cons…

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